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I’m Donny Drummond, my friends call me “Donny D” for short. I used to be like the guy in the photo on the left, puffing away on cigarettes. True story — a while back (summer of 2009) I moved cross country, making the long roadtrip with my dad, and had a pack of Marlboro in my backpack. Since my dad hates cigarettes with a passion, I never had a smoke during our trip. Once I got to my new home I was introduced to a new, innovative smoking alternative – an electronic cigaretteMore than two years later, I still have half of that pack of Marlboro in my desk drawer, collecting dust. Ever since I made the switch to e-cigarettes, I’ve never looked back. I suppose at this point I could probably throw that pack of smokes away, but I like to keep it around as a reminder of my old habit. I was a heavy smoker for a long time, and if someone like me can make the change to e-cigs so easily, I think that’s a testament to how great these products really are, and what motivated me to create this site dedicated to electronic cigarette reviews and news.

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes (which I like to call vapor cigs), you might be well served to start reading my section about vapor cigs here. Or if you want to start shopping, check out my archive of reviews so you can learn from my experiences and find the best electronic cigarette for you. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy managing it. Please get in touch with me by making a comment on any of my posts, or email me should you want my personal suggestions or just have questions for me in general.

Now for the electronic cigarette reviews…

From my experience, here’s the top 5 brands of e-cigarettes

#1     V2 Cigs - Best Electronic Cigarette

V2 Cigs : best ecig electronic vapor cigarette on the market!

**  Read my review of V2 Cigs here  **

There’s no other way to say it, V2 Cigs is the best brand of electronic cigarette on the market, hands-down.  From product quality, product variety, cartridge flavor and strength, customer service, and of course PRICE — V2 Cigs is the most popular brand on the market for a version.  Click the link above for my full review, or click the image above to go straight to their website and get your hands on the best!


Use the discount code donnyd and automatically receive 10% off EVERYTHING in their store.  Or, if you’re in the market for a kit, enter the code donnyd15 to receive 15% off your order of a V2 Cigs Starter Kit at the V2 Cigs website.

Click here to go straight to the V2 Cigs store.  Tell ‘em Donny D sent ya!

#2     White Cloud – Strongest E-Cigarette

White Cloud Review

** Read my White Cloud Review **

White Cloud is hands-down the strongest e-cig on the market. The battery technology is unmatched by anyone else – it’s insane how much power they pack in such a small battery. Always improving themselves, they keep releasing new generations of their batteries, each stronger than the last – be careful you don’t choke on such a huge hit of vapor! They’re that good.

Click here to shop at White Cloud

#3     Green Smoke – One of the First, Still One of the Best

Visit the Green Smoke website

** Read my Green Smoke Review here **

Green Smoke was one of the first brands to hit the market, and they’re still perched among the top of the industry.  They simply deliver great products at competitive prices.  They’ve been around for a while and have got it down to a science – it shows in the quality of their products.  Check out my Green Smoke review for the full story on what makes this brand great, or click the banner above to start shopping at Green Smoke now!

Also, the fine people over at Green Smoke have provided me a 10% discount to offer my readers (minimum order $100).

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#4     Ozone Smoke – Best E-Cig Cartridges

Ozone Smoke Review

** Read my Ozone Smoke Review **

This brand is lesser known than the ones I list above, but I have no hesitation to put it in my top 5. Why #2? I LOVE the cartridges at Ozone Smoke – they’ve got some great flavors that you don’t find at other brands and they all taste great and seemingly last forever. They have kits at affordable prices and the batteries are high quality. Check out my review for the full write-up on why I put this brand so high, so quickly.

Click Here to Shop at Ozone Smoke

#5     Bull Smoke – More Vapor, No Bull

Bull Smoke

** Read my Bull Smoke Review here **

I usually don’t get this excited about an electronic cigarette so quickly… but I’ve fallen in love with Bull Smoke. This brand just launched in the last year and instantly became one of my favorites.  I can’t stop reaching for these things.  I love their clever image and marketing, and they’re products are no joke — as the tagline says: More Vapor, No Bull.  Take a look at my review of Bull Smoke to get some more info on this brand, or click the banner to take the bull by the horns and start shopping!

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Those are by far the top five best electronic cigarette brands out there, with everything taken into account – the quality of the product, the different kits available, variety of cartridges, accessories, customer service, and also the price of the product.

For reviews of other brands I’ve tried, click this Vapor Cigarette Reviews link to see all my electronic cigarette reviews or click on a specific brand in the sidebar on the right.  Each brand has its positives, and there’s something for everybody in the electronic cigarette industry.  If you’re wondering why all my reviews are positive, it’s not because I’m a shill for these companies and tell you every one is great — I have tried dozens of brands and have found many to be less than desirable.  Rather than waste your time having to sift through them, I’d rather just leave them off the page altogether and give you nothing but quality options that are worth your hard-earned money.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave your comments!  Your feedback helps make this site great!

- Donny D

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