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Smoking Electronic Cigarettes on an Airplane
Looking for the best electronic cigarette? Take a look at my V2 Cigs review - hands-down the #1 e-cig on the market. Use my discount code donnyd15 and get 15% off a V2 Standard Kit. Click here to visit their site now. Can you smoke electronic cigarettes on a plane? I state many times on this website that you can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere, and I mean anywhere.  But one question [...]
What are Vapor Cigarettes?
Vapor cigarettes are a nicotine delivery device that looks and acts much like a regular tobacco cigarette. A standard vapor cigarette looks like this: From afar, it looks just like a regular cigarette.  But if you were to hold it in your hand you would notice the difference.  Vapor cigarettes are made of plastic and stainless steel.  The vapor cigarette is comprised of two parts: a cartridge [...]
Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking
Want the best e-cigarette? Take a look at my review of V2 Cigs - hands-down the #1 e-cig on the market. Use my coupon code donnyd15 and get 15% off a V2 Standard Kit, or donnyd for 10% off anything else. Click below to visit their site now. While many vapor cig smokers are drawn to e-smoking because of how convenient they are (you can smoke them anywhere) or their taste (whether it be [...]
Vapor Cigarettes Work – How Do They Work?
Vapor cigarettes are becoming more and more popular these days as a nicotine delivery device.  Many users have flocked to them because they love the taste and convenience of them, while others have picked up vapor cigarettes as a means to quit their smoking habit.  As opposed to nicotine patches or gum, vapor cigarettes recreate the act of smoking a cigarette - putting it to your mouth, inhaling [...]
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