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V2 Cigs Making a Splash in Media Ads
Though they're already the #1 electronic cigarette brand in the market, as noted in my V2 Cigs review, the marketing team at V2 Cigs has recently launched a media blitz to gain more awareness for their products. Unlike Green Smoke and Blu Cigs who are promoting their products by sponsoring cars in NASCAR, V2 Cigs is trying to reach out to all audiences and market segments by strategically putting [...]
Smoking Electronic Cigarettes on an Airplane
Looking for the best electronic cigarette? Take a look at my V2 Cigs review - hands-down the #1 e-cig on the market. Use my discount code donnyd15 and get 15% off a V2 Standard Kit. Click here to visit their site now. Can you smoke electronic cigarettes on a plane? I state many times on this website that you can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere, and I mean anywhere.  But one question [...]
Johnny Depp Smokes Electronic Cigarette in “The Tourist”
Johnny Depp Electronic Cigarette Over the holiday season I spent time at my parents' place along with my two brothers and nephew.  One afternoon we decided to all go out to the movies, and without any other interesting movies in the theater at the time, we settled on seeing "The Tourist", starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. This movie, set in Italy, is a suspense movie about mistaken identity.  [...]
Safe Cig CEO on Fox News
In association with The Safe Cig's efforts to promote World No Tobacco Day with their full page letter written in the New York Times (see The Safe Cig New York Times letter), the CEO of The Safe Cig also recently appeared on Fox News for an interview about electronic cigarettes. CEO John Cameron (brother of director James Cameron of Avatar and Titanic fame), went on the air to dispel the myths [...]
The Safe Cig Writes Letter in New York Times
The Safe Cig, one of the leaders of the electronic cigarette industry, has started an aggressive campaign to get the e-cig industry the respect that it deserves. As part of this campaign, The Safe Cig recently took out a full-page ad in the New York Times in support of World No Tobacco Day, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO).  The goal of this effort is to put an end to tobacco-related [...]
Lindsay Lohan Smokes Blu Cigs
Blu Cigs - the Lindsay Lohan electronic cigarette . . . Another celebrity has thrown her name into the world of celebrity e-smokers.  Lindsay Lohan is on 35 days of house arrest following her latest legal troubles, and photogs have snapped a few shots of Ms. Lohan puffing away on e-cigarettes.  Lindsay Lohan smokes Blu Cigs apparently and according to a report, “is determined to better her career [...]
Green Smoke Sponsors NASCAR Driver T.J. Bell
I just saw this when I was flipping through my normal online news sites this morning, and sent an email over to my contact with Green Smoke to check the validity of it, and the electronic cigarette industry is about to get some huge visibility in the sports world. While some e-cigarette brands are buying adspace on the internet or positioning kiosks throughout malls, Green Smoke is putting their advertising [...]
Charlie Sheen Smokes E-Cigarette on Stage in Toronto
Charlie Sheen has dominated the gossip rags in the last few months with his antics and firing from Two and a Half Men, and has packed theaters around the country with his one-man show titled My Violent Torpedo of Truth. We all knew that Charlie is fueled by "tiger blood" these days, but it looks like he needs a little nicotine to get by, as well. As reported by TMZ, bad boy Charlie Sheen smoked [...]
Katherine Heigl Smokes E-Cigarette on Letterman
It's amazing how fast the vapor cigarette industry has grown over the last couple years.  These amazing products have spread like wildfire.  But, I'd still say there a bit away from become universal.  I always said it would take some celebrity endorsement to really get the word out and for these devices to REALLY take off. Well, e-cigs really hit the mainstream lately.  On a recent night of [...]
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