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Henley Cigs Review
Henley Cigs Review If you've read this site for a while, you know I like to get my hands on all the e-cigs I can. So I was very happy to come across a new brand I hadn't tried before, Henley Cigs. First impression - I really like this brand. The biggest things that stand out to me are the big throat hit, the smooth draw of the cartridges, and an authentic tobacco flavor that mimics the real [...]
V2 Cigs Review – Best Electronic Cigarette
I know I previously wrote about V2 Cigs in an earlier post, and I've raved all over this site about why I think that it is the best electronic cigarette on the market.  And while it's just one man's opinion, it's backed up by their phenomenal performance in the market, having been ranked the #1 electronic cigarette industry by Alexa rankings. So why the need to write yet another post about V2 Cigs [...]
Ozone Smoke Review – Best E-Cig Cartridges
This is a new brand I've just reviewed, and if you've been a reader of my site for a while, you're probably wondering why I've put it towards the top of my best e-cig rankings in such a short time. I had the chance to try out a kit from Ozone Smoke lately and I was blown away by the cartridges. The e-cig market is becoming more and more crowded these days, and brands are always looking for a way [...]
White Cloud Review – Strongest E-Cig on the Market
White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes THE STRONGEST E-CIG ON THE MARKET As the writer of this vapor cigarette review website, and frequent blogger across the internet on all things related to the industry, it’s safe to say that I’ve probably tried just about every brand that is available on the market.  Having said that, it really means something when I say that White Cloud electronic [...]
Green Smoke Review – One of the First, Still One of the Best
Green Smoke - A Pioneer in the Industry, Still Among the Best After changing over to vapor cigarettes a couple years ago, by now I think I must have tried every brand on the market. Time after time, I always keep coming back to the Green Smoke brand. Read other vapor cig reviews around the web and you’ll see I’m not alone in this thinking. Why is it that everyone joining the vapor smoking [...]
Bull Smoke Review – More Vapor, No Bull
Bull Smoke Review More Vapor. No Bull. If you've been following this site for a while, you know I've always been a big fan of Bull Smoke. Once it was released in the summer of 2011, I pretty much immediately put it at #2 in my e-cigarette rankings, right behind industry leader V2 Cigs. Well, Bull Smoke just released their next generation of products and, to be honest with you, I think I might [...]
Premium E-Cig Review
Most of the electronic cigarettes on the market all look the same.  You get your run-of-mill battery and cartridges, and if it weren’t for the brand’s logo printed on the side, you really can’t differentiate one brand from another.  That’s not the case with Premium Electronic Cigarettes, which offers a truly unique smoking experience for all, no matter what your smoking preferences are. Most [...]
Blu Cigs Review
Blu Cigs When I first started using vapor cigarettes a couple years ago, one of the first brands I was introduced to was Blu Cigs. It seems like everyone that uses e-cigarettes, starts off by using Blu Cigs. I would call them the “entry level” e-cigarette for new users. I say this for a couple reasons. For one, Blu Cigs are much more affordable than the other brands of e-cigarettes on the market. [...]
Smoke Tip Review
A friend recently turned me on to the vapor cigarette offered by Smoke Tip.  The products from Smoke Tip have been well-received by those who enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes but can’t break the bank on an expensive kit.  If you are budget-conscious, Smoke Tip is right up your alley offering their starter kit for just $59.95, as they deliver all the bells and whistles that you get with the other [...]
V2 Cigs Review – Best Electronic Cigarette
V2 Cigs - The Best Electronic Cigarette on the Market ALERT! V2 Cigs has revamped their whole brand - the best got even better!  Click the link to my new V2 Cigs review below for all the details on their hot new products!  READ MY NEW V2 CIGS REVIEW V2 Cigs is a relative newcomer to the electronic cigarette industry, having launched in July 2010, but already in that short time has risen [...]
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