Charlie Sheen Smokes E-Cigarette on Stage in Toronto

Charlie Sheen has dominated the gossip rags in the last few months with his antics and firing from Two and a Half Men, and has packed theaters around the country with his one-man show titled My Violent Torpedo of Truth.

We all knew that Charlie is fueled by “tiger blood” these days, but it looks like he needs a little nicotine to get by, as well.

As reported by TMZ, bad boy Charlie Sheen smoked an electronic cigarette on stage at his show in Toronto recently.  Sheen had been skirting the law in prior shows by lighting up a cigarette on stage, smoking non-stop like a chimney, and apparently officials in Toronto knew this ahead of time and issued a warning of shutting down the show and a $100,000 fine if he were to light up a smoke during his show.

So Charlie, ever the trendsetter and bender of the rules, instead sparked up an electronic cigarette during his Toronto show at Massey Hall.  Sheen bragged to the crowd that he did not need an ashtray and could smoke it all he wanted with no consequences.

Photo courtesy of TMZ

So add Charlie Sheen to the list of celebrity e-smokers.  Apparently sales of electronic cigarettes have been boosted the last couple weeks since their appearance on My Violent Torpedo of Truth. I’d have to believe that, as it seems like everyone’s eyes are on Sheen these days, with his massive Twitter following overnight and sales of merchandise bearing Sheen-isms (#winning, anyone?)

Thank you to Mr. Sheen for increasing the awareness of these great products!

Does anyone know what brand he was smoking?  (Anyone here from Toronto, perhaps attended the show?)  From what I’m seeing on the web, it sounds like he was smoking Smokeless Delite.  Has anyone tried those?  I’m going to give them a shot and get a review up for you in the coming weeks.

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3 Responses to “Charlie Sheen Smokes E-Cigarette on Stage in Toronto”

  1. James Oliver says:

    Charlie was smoking a smokestik brand e-cig in Toronto – and ironically (yes i live up here in Ontario too) e cigs with nicotine are technically banned here, which is pretty darn pathetic and frustrating – for big vaper enthusiasts like me it is fine but most people don’t even know about e cigs here!

    Anyway I heard charlie is now going on to do his own line of e cigs or something like this? if so, why not? good for that mad man charlie

    James Oliver

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