Green Smoke Review – One of the First, Still One of the Best

Green Smoke – A Pioneer in the Industry, Still Among the Best

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

After changing over to vapor cigarettes a couple years ago, by now I think I must have tried every brand on the market. Time after time, I always keep coming back to the Green Smoke brand. Read other vapor cig reviews around the web and you’ll see I’m not alone in this thinking.

Why is it that everyone joining the vapor smoking revolution loves Green Smoke?

Green Smoke has a great all-around package in an e-cigarette and some really innovative designs that give the user an authentic smoking experience. Easy to use two-piece system, battery and cartridge that fit together easily. High volume of vapor every time you puff. Cartridges are seemingly always on sale, and they offer a good mix of traditional and exotic flavors.

For new e-smokers, Green Smoke offers a great Starter Kit priced at $129.99 (marked down from $139.99 previously). This is a great deal for one of the best products on the market. In this kit, you receive:

  • 2 e-cigarette batteries (one long, one short)
  • 1 USB e-cig (like the Power Cig I mention in my V2 Cigs review)
  • 1 charging kit (USB adapter and wall adapter)
  • 10 cartridges
  • User Manual and Membership Card

This kit gives you an incomparable e-smoking experience. With the cartridges provided, you get the equivalent of 12.5 packs of traditional cigarettes, and let me tell you, these Green Smoke e-cigs are powerful — huge amount of vapor, and the flavor lasts really long compared to other brands. You can get your choice of cartridges with this kit, including their two tobacco offerings (Absolute Tobacco and Red Label Tobacco), or Menthol, Mocha Mist, Smooth Chocolate or Vanilla Dreams.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive kit, Green Smoke has other options. You can get the Love Birds Kit, which contains everything I described in the Starter Kit times two — that’s 2 long batteries, 2 short batteries, 2 USB e-cigs, 2 charging kits and 20 cartridges. This kit is sold for $239.99 (you get twice the product as the Starter Kit, for less than twice the price). If you’re a lighter smoker, or just looking to try the product first without making a big investment, they also offer a Social Smoker Kit for $99.99, which comes with 1 e-cigarette battery, 1 USB e-cig, 1 charging kit and 5 cartridges.

There’s nothing about Green Smoke that I don’t like. They have a great design that emits a big amount of vapor every time I puff on it, and their products are also well-made… I’ve never had to worry about the Green Smoke products breaking or getting clogged, and the batteries and cartridges last a lot longer than many of the other brands I review. You can’t go wrong with this brand — Green Smoke has been around since Day 1, and they’re still going strong for good reason.

Also, the fine people over at Green Smoke have provided me a 10% discount to offer my readers (minimum order $100). Simply click on the button below and the discount is yours!

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10 Responses to “Green Smoke Review – One of the First, Still One of the Best”

  1. Frank Lukas says:

    Great review – I started out with Green Smoke and I’ve really been enjoying them. Thanks!

  2. Emma says:

    I can agree with you on this – I love my Green Smokes. It was the first brand I tried out and I’ve been using them for about 6 months now. They make a great product.

  3. Cory Sax says:

    Like you, Green Smoke was the first brand I tried and I absolutely love it. They’ve been around so long that they’ve really fine-tuned their product that is really easy to use, great for new electronic cigarette smokers. It’s still my favorite.

  4. Al says:

    The Green Somke company has great customer service and that is where
    great ends. This E-Cigarrete is not recommended in any way. It is poorly designed and it will be defective before you get to know how to use it. Let me explain what I men by design flaw, on the tip of this cigarrete there is a Air Flow Sensor, when you inhale air flows thru it and it work like a switch it will turn on the battery power and the heating element in the cartrige will heat up causing steam. The problem with this design is that the forementioned air flow passes thru this switch and also the battery before it reaches the cartrige, this will create condensation, water is a conductive of electricity, so eventually the Airflow Switch and the battery will short out rendering the device useless.
    Don’t believe me? Go and buy it and experience it yourself.

    • Donny D says:

      Al – thank you for the comment. Not everybody has a good experience with every product, and I’m cognizant not to censor any negative opinions. For me, personally, I haven’t had any of the issues you mention above – my Green Smoke batteries are still going strong after repeated use. I urge other commenters to weigh in with their experiences with Green Smoke.

  5. Kevin says:

    I’m a cigar smoker and it relaxes me. My wife complains about the smell after I smoke. I take showers, febreeze, brush my teeth, and use listerine. But she still complains about her alergies so much that she is forced to sleep at the foot of the bed. I dont like cigarettes so I don’t smoke them but would vapor cig work for me?

    • Donny D says:

      Absolutely, Kevin. Vapor cigs emit no foul odor…and depending on the flavor you smoke, they can actually emit a nice odor (vanilla, grape, cherry, etc.). But I’m guessing since you’re a cigar smoker you’re looking at the tobacco flavors probably. Either way, e-cigs won’t be an irritant to your wife.

  6. Cathy says:

    Hi, I started using green smoke about 3 weeks ago to help quit smoking tobacco cigs. A friend has just informed me that these e cigs can leave a hard coating on the throat that cannot be removed, of very difficult to remove???? Is there any truth in this? Is there any known side effects or harmful effects known about these e cigs? Please inform……

    • Donny D says:

      Hi Cathy – I’ve been using e cigs for over 3 years, and I can’t say I’ve experienced any of that. I did some googling and this is the closest instance I found when searching about throat effects and e cigarette use.

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