Katherine Heigl Smokes E-Cigarette on Letterman

It’s amazing how fast the vapor cigarette industry has grown over the last couple years.  These amazing products have spread like wildfire.  But, I’d still say there a bit away from become universal.  I always said it would take some celebrity endorsement to really get the word out and for these devices to REALLY take off.

Well, e-cigs really hit the mainstream lately.  On a recent night of The Late Show with David Letterman, Katherine Heigl (actress of Knocked Up and Grey’s Anatomy fame) shocked everyone in the Ed Sullivan Theater (including the host) by pulling an electronic cigarette out and taking a puff mid-interview.

“Wait a minute — what was that?” Letterman asks after Heigl lets out an exhale of what looks like smoke.

“It’s water vapor” replies Heigl.  She explains that it is a battery-operated device that contains liquid nicotine and emits a nicotine vapor.  “You blow out water vapor, so you’re not harming anyone around you and you’re not harming yourself.”

Curious if a hit off of a vapor cigarette will make you dizzy, Letterman (who’s love of cigars is no secret) gives it a try.  Letterman takes a few hits and plays to the crowd as he exhales the vapor, blowing smoke rings.

“This is remarkable,” he says.

It’s a little difficult to tell which brand she uses, but from a quick Google search it’s being said that it is SmokeStik.  Can anyone (commenters) confirm that SmokeStik is the Katherine Heigl ecig brand of choice?

Anyway, take a look at the video yourself.  A big boost to the awareness of vapor cigs!


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4 Responses to “Katherine Heigl Smokes E-Cigarette on Letterman”

  1. Wes Illich says:

    I love Dave taking a few puffs off of the e-cig! Classic! Since he’s a big cigar guy, do they make an e-cigar that maybe he’d use?

    • admin says:

      Yep, there are e-cigars! Premium has an e-cigar in their arsenal (as well as an e-pipe). Check out my Premium review for more info.

  2. Stacy says:

    Nice, I might have to check out that brand!

  3. Louie Ayhens says:

    I smoked for 30 years and had to quit. It was that or death. I LOVE THESE CIGARETTES. As soon as I heard of these I ordered them and have had NO HEALTH PROBLEMS AT ALL since starting to “smoke” again. I can now enjoy my life so much better. I have loved to smoke all my life and always will. And now, I CAN !!

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