Lindsay Lohan Smokes Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs – the Lindsay Lohan electronic cigarette . . .

Another celebrity has thrown her name into the world of celebrity e-smokers.  Lindsay Lohan is on 35 days of house arrest following her latest legal troubles, and photogs have snapped a few shots of Ms. Lohan puffing away on e-cigarettes.  Lindsay Lohan smokes Blu Cigs apparently and according to a report, “is determined to better her career and her health and has started using Blu Cigs as a deterrent to lighting up.”

I wish her the best of luck in her endeavors, and want to say THANKS for all of the added exposure for the e-cig industry.  These things are really catching on, and a high-profile celeb like Lindsay Lohan using vapor cigarettes can do nothing but help promote these products.  [EDIT: I can attest to her popularity already, as this website has been getting more traffic than normal lately, and I've identified that it's in large part to this post, with a lot of visitors coming to by Googling "Lindsay Lohan Blu cigs" or "Lindsay Lohan electronic cigarette" or similar keywords.  So thank you, Lindsay!]

See the snapshots below for Lindsay Lohan e-cig smoking.

photo courtesy of TMZ

So there’s yet another celebrity e-smoker.  I wonder if Blu Cigs is going to try to capitalize on this as being the Lindsay Lohan electronic cigarette (but then again… with her reputation right now, she isn’t quite who you’d want as the face of your product).  If you’re curious about the Lindsay Lohan e-cigarette brand of choice, take a look at my Blu Cigs review to find out what the buzz is all about.




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  1. Callie says:

    Good to see she’s starting to make healthier lifestyle choices (or at least making it appear to be so)

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