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In association with The Safe Cig’s efforts to promote World No Tobacco Day with their full page letter written in the New York Times (see The Safe Cig New York Times letter), the CEO of The Safe Cig also recently appeared on Fox News for an interview about electronic cigarettes.

CEO John Cameron (brother of director James Cameron of Avatar and Titanic fame), went on the air to dispel the myths of electronic cigarettes and promote their benefits.  Cameron was a “pack a day” cigarette smoker for 10 years and, as of the time of the interview, hadn’t had a single cigarette in 6 months since switching to electronic cigarettes.

Here are a few key quotes from the interview, which can be viewed here:

“You would think from the onset why isn’t the FDA saying ‘We’ll take any safer alternative. Cigarettes have 4,000 chemicals and 80 carcinogens and e-cigs have 4 ingredients and no carcinogens and only nicotine, why don’t we open it up?”?  - Dennis Kneale, Fox Business

On what the basic problem is in electronic cigarettes gaining more acceptance:

“I think the problem is just people don’t understand what it is.  There’s a lot of misconception around electronic cigarettes.  I talk to people everyday about what an electronic cigarette is… I’m on the phone constantly, everyone I bump into… and most people don’t realize there just isn’t any tobacco product inside of the electronic cigarette…

…It’s a nicotine delivery system.  It has four chemicals in it.  It has vaporizing fluid that comes from asthma inhalers that have been FDA approved for fifty years.  We have lots of data on what’s inside an electronic cigarette and I think the thing I confront most is misconception about what it is.  It boils down to a battery and some vaporizing fluid.”  - John Cameron

On The Safe Cig’s New York Times letter:

“I think what I’m trying to do is open a dialogue.  Ultimately we have to talk about this.  With six million lives on the line, I think any form of technology that moves forward that takes that into consideration, I think it’s just too much for the human mind to wrap its head around…

…You have six million lives in jeopardy every year because of tobacco use, and here you have technology that’s off the shelf that you can put in people’s hands tomorrow that’s going to reduce that – drastically, significantly – you have to fast-pace this.  We have to get in front of the technology.  We have to get out there in the world market, the FDA needs to get behind it, the WHO needs to get behind it…  

But what they need to do is establish an independent commission.  I think we’ve learned a lot from tobacco smoke, and what we’ve learned is that science done by the industry that’s promoting their technology isn’t the best science – it’s not in the best interest of the consumer.  What we need is independent research.  We need to open that dialogue, we need to get the World Health Organization aware that this is an amazing harm-reducer for the human race…  

…The reality is that it’s not the six million lives that you lose every year.  Fifty-percent of those lives are cut down in the prime of their life.  We’re talking about another 2.7 million lives that live with the illness for the remainder of their lives.  We’re talking about nearly 9 million people that we can save yearly.  The graphic need for this technology has kind of been put on the backburner.” – John Cameron

On the skepticism around e-cigs as “safer cigarettes”, since they look and act like traditional cigarettes:

“Well, look – addiction is serious business.  Being a pack a day smoker for ten years, I know how hard it is to quit.  I tried everything – I tried patches, I tried gum – and the reality is that the moment I picked up an electronic cigarette, I haven’t smoked for six months.  For me, that’s a big deal.  More amazingly, I can put down electronic cigarettes whenever I choose to…  

…So from a very personal standpoint I know this works – this is why I got into it.  Six months ago, trying to stop smoking, instantly stopped the moment I picked up an electronic cigarette, I didn’t need to go out and do the immediate data to make the connect – I figured it out on my own…

…But in the past six months in talking to everybody, what we’re learning is that to get to the FDA, to get to the WHO, to get to that conversation we have to open a dialogue, we have to make sense of this…

…The reality is that we have suffered the ills of tobacco for hundreds of years and significant research has been done, we know exactly how bad it is for us, and here we have a replacement – we have to move on this, we can’t just sit idly by.

Interviews like this are great boosters to the awareness of electronic cigarettes and their utility, and will only help to push the movement forward.  Let’s hope we see more of this in the near future, as this kind of mainstream publicity will be huge in dispelling the myths surrounding electronic cigarettes and ultimately gaining more acceptance.  Thank you, John Cameron, for leading the charge!

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Thanks for reading, and keep on vaping!

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