Smoke Anytime, Anywhere

When I wanted to smoke a cigarette, my girlfriend would always relegate me to the back porch so as not to stink up the house, and when I came back inside she’d make me give myself a spritz of cologne of Febreze or something to get the smell off of me – she could not stand the odor of cigarettes that was seemingly permanent on my clothes.

Even worse, where I live it rains a lot, which made it less than pleasant to stand outside and smoke my cigarette. But when you need your fix, you need your fix – raining or not.

Luckily I came across electronic cigarettes, and now I can get my fix anytime, anywhere. Electronic cigarettes have nicotine cartridges that give off a nicotine vapor when activated. The vapor does not have any odor like real cigarettes, so it does not smell up the area around you nor leave a stink on your clothes. Plus, the cartridges do not contain any of the additives (carcinogens, tar) that you find in regular cigarettes, so they don’t present a health hazard to those around you in the form of second-hand smoke.

You can truly smoke vapor cigarettes anywhere. My girlfriend no longer sends me out to the porch to smoke them. If I need a fix, I simply just take a pull right there on the couch. She actually kind of likes the smell of them, especially if I’m using a flavored cartridge like vanilla or chocolate. Though I haven’t tried it before, I’ve read that you can even smoke electronic cigarettes on airplanes. It’s funny when I go out to the bars and after a round of beers everyone gets up to go outside and have a cigarette, and when it’s raining they all try to huddle underneath a small canopy to stay dry from the raining. I stay in my barstool and puff away on my electronic cigarette.

If you’re like me and need to get your nicotine fix, but hate having to be relegated outside or sneak away just to smoke, give electronic cigarettes a spin. There are many online retailers, a simple Google search will pull up a handful of different brands; also, these days nearly every mall has kiosks littered throughout selling different brands of electronic cigarettes. Every brand offers a starter kit so you can get started without breaking the bank, though I’m fairly certain in no time you’ll be hooked like me.

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