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Smoke Tip ReviewA friend recently turned me on to the vapor cigarette offered by Smoke Tip.  The products from Smoke Tip have been well-received by those who enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes but can’t break the bank on an expensive kit.  If you are budget-conscious, Smoke Tip is right up your alley offering their starter kit for just $59.95, as they deliver all the bells and whistles that you get with the other brands, but without having to pay the price tag that comes with the more name-brand electronic cigarettes.

Smoke Tip offers FREE SHIPPING on all of their orders and it typically only takes 1-3 days for you to receive your order from the time of purchase (at least domestically – international shipping may take slightly longer – check their website for more specific shipping times).

In addition to their great pricing, Smoke Tip comes in a wide variety of flavors – 10 to be exact – which includes your traditional regular and menthol flavors, as well as Marlboro (my favorite, as Marlboro was my brand of choice when I smoked traditional cigarettes), as well as some more exotic flavors such as strawberry and coffee, just to name a few.  If you want to give all of their flavors a try, you can get a 10-pack (one of every flavor) for $19.95, or if you really want to see savings, you can buy five 10-packs for just $89.95.

Customer service with Smoke Tip is top-notch, and they will give you a full money-back guarantee on all of their products for 30 days, no questions asked.  You can also return any battery for any reason, with no proof of purchase, for as long as you own it, and Smoke Tip will send you a new one in a matter of days.

Lastly, another feature unique to Smoke Tip is that you get a new atomizer with every replacement cartridge – the atomizer is built into the Smoke Tip cartridge.  You no longer have to fret about an atomizer that wears down over time, ensuring that you get a smooth, full puff each time you use it.

If you want to give Smoke Tip a try, their kit is available for $59.95 and includes:

  • 2 Rechargeable Lithium BatteriesSmoke Tip E Cig Review
  • 6 Disposable Flavor Cartridges
  • Wall Adapter
  • USB Charger
  • Instruction Card

This is easily the most affordable kit on the market. So if you’re looking for an electronic cigarette that fits into your budget, Smoke Tip is the brand for you! Click the link below to order today!


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  1. Will says:

    I think that SmokeTip is the best Electronic Cigarette….

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