Smoking Electronic Cigarettes on an Airplane

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Can you smoke electronic cigarettes on a plane?

I state many times on this website that you can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere, and I mean anywhere.  But one question I’m asked often is can you smoke electronic cigarettes on an airplane?  In theory, you should be able to vape on an airplane with no problem – there is no smoke, no odor, no mess, no flame needed to ignite it.

Still, I’m always cautious about pulling out my electronic cigarette on a plane.  I have smoked an e-cig while flying, when I was fortunate enough one time recently to be flying first class (a very rare occurrence for me), and asked the flight attendant if she was OK with it.  She gave me the OK, clearly aware of what vapor cigs are and how they work.  But for the most part, I usually don’t tempt fate and openly vape on a plane.  With how heightened everyone’s anxieties are on planes these days post-9/11, I’m just worried that someone sitting near me would see the cloud of vapor and freak out (think The Shoebomber incident or the al Qaeda terrorist with athe bomb sewn in his underwear).

So what I normally do is just take my e-cig with me into the lavatory and take a few puffs in there.  It’s no smoke that’s emitted, so it doesn’t set off the smoke detectors, and I’m unseen while doing it.  Again, I reiterate that there really isn’t a reason why you wouldn’t/shouldn’t be able to smoke on a plane, but it’s better to be safe and not ruffle any feathers.

So that brings me to a story I read recently that inspired me to write this post.  Here’s what NOT TO DO when it comes to e-smoking on an airplane:

Over on the V2 Cigs blog (which can be read here), they tell the story of Pogos Paul Sefilian.  Sefilian was recently arrested after becoming unruly on a Southwest Airlines flight.  He had been vaping on his e-cig prior to takeoff and caught the attention of a flight attendant, who told him that he could not e-smoke on the plane.  He argued with the attendant, but ultimately complied and stowed his vapor cig.  But not long after takeoff, he pulled his electronic cigarette back out and began vaping again, against the attendant’s instructions.  This caught the attention of the attendant who again ordered him to put it away, which further enraged Sefilian.  He became so angry and unruly that he began pelting the flight attendant and cockpit door with pretzels and peanuts, then proceeded to puff out his chest and, in simpler terms, continue to act like a jerk.

When the plane landed, as one can expect, FBI agents were awaiting to remove him from the plane and place him under arrest.  At the time of this writing, he is being held in a Utah jail pending a hearing.

I’d hope that all of you are smart enough to not act like the above character.  If you’ve been wondering can you smoke an electronic cigarette on an airplane, the answer if yes, but use your head.  If you really want to smoke an electronic cigarette on an airplane, ask your flight attendant and those around you if they mind.  If they ask you to stop, then stop.  It’s not worth the hassle, and certainly as not as big of a deal as what Mr. Sefilian made it out to be.

Feel free to comment below if you have any stories to share about smoking an electric cigarette on an airplane.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Mike says:

    Awesome! I’d always been wondering if I could use my V2 on a plane. I was too scared. I’ll do this next time I fly!

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