The Safe Cig Writes Letter in New York Times

The Safe Cig, one of the leaders of the electronic cigarette industry, has started an aggressive campaign to get the e-cig industry the respect that it deserves.

As part of this campaign, The Safe Cig recently took out a full-page ad in the New York Times in support of World No Tobacco Day, sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO).  The goal of this effort is to put an end to tobacco-related illnesses and deaths.

A full copy of the letter in the New York Times reads as follows:

In support of the World Health Organization’s efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking on World No Tobacco Day

Statistics concerning the loss of life, and loss of quality of life, that directly result from the simple act of tobacco inhalation are a real cause for concern, action and remedy. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that 8.6 million people worldwide live with serious illness caused by smoking tobacco. More alarmingly, in the United States alone, 88 million non-smokers,including 54% of children aged three to eleven, are exposed to second-hand smoke each year.These figures highlight the devastating human cost of tobacco inhalation, which in turn burden our troubled US healthcare system with over 96 billion dollars annually in medical costs associated with the effects of tobacco consumption.

We are a company who sincerely believe that there is an opportunity to make a decisive, positive difference. At the core of our conviction is the common-sense assumption that any effective substitute to inhaling tobacco should be aggressively explored, researched and developed. Specifically, we believe that the electronic cigarette is a practical, safer alternative to tobacco smoking, and may represent a critical tool for tackling this epidemic.

Unfortunately, a great deal of misconception and misunderstanding has developed around the electronic cigarette. This has prompted us to secure CE and ROHS certification, and to have produced MSDS reports for our products. While this offers us comfort that our devices and fluids are free of toxins, the real question concerns the inhalation chemistry and toxicology when they are used.

We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to initiate and fund inhalation studies using our products at leading academic institutions. The truth is, however, that no single company can go this alone.

We therefore suggest and propose that it is in the best interest of the world’s citizens, their health, and their future wellbeing, that the WHO establish an independent commission of inquiry to research and explore the role of the electronic cigarette as a viable and potentially life-saving alternative to cigarette smoking.

With your help, we can definitively determine if the electronic cigarette represents an opportunity to end the tyranny of tobacco inhalation.

We support the work of the World Health Organization, and all efforts that aim to tackle the problem of tobacco in a forthright and meaningful manner. The lives of countless millions will be saved and enriched in a world without the threat of smoking-related disease.

You can help save millions of lives by signing this letter with us online at

This is great press for the electronic cigarette industry and really helps to dispel all of the myths surrounding these products.  Campaigns such as this from the big players in the e-cig industry can only help raise awareness of the utility of these products and get the word out.  I hope we continue to see more efforts like this.

In addition to this letter, the CEO of The Safe Cig also appeared on Fox News.  Check it out here:  Safe Cig Fox News

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