V2 Cigs Making a Splash in Media Ads

V2 Cigs : best ecig electronic vapor cigarette on the market!Though they’re already the #1 electronic cigarette brand in the market, as noted in my V2 Cigs review, the marketing team at V2 Cigs has recently launched a media blitz to gain more awareness for their products.

Unlike Green Smoke and Blu Cigs who are promoting their products by sponsoring cars in NASCAR, V2 Cigs is trying to reach out to all audiences and market segments by strategically putting their product where the most eyes will see it.

Here’s a list of a few of the publications where V2 Cigs has placed ads this year, and their respective print dates:

  • 6/15 Baltimore Sun
  • 6/13 Bergen Record
  • 6/13 Chicago Sun Times
  • 6/13 Chicago Tribune
  • 6/17 Newark Star Ledger
  • 6/21 Orange County Register
  • 6/14 San Diego Union Tribune
  • 6/22 San Francisco Chronicle
  • 6/17 NY Metro
  • 6/15 Village Voice
  • 6/16 NY Post
  • 6/16 AM New York
  • 6/17 NY Daily News
  • August MAXIM
  • July Enquirer
  • June OK WEEKLY

While V2 is already tops in the industry, they are becoming complacent – there’s a huge market out there e-smokers.  Kudos to them for striving to stay on top.

Have you spotted V2 in other publications not mentioned above?  Be sure to leave a comment below.

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