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Another update here on the best electronic cigarette on the market:

V2 Cigs

The best just keeps getting even better right now while they roll out a couple new flavors.

For a limited time only (so they say), V2 Cigs has announced the release of a couple new flavors to their already deep arsenal of great V2 Cigs cartridges flavors.  Mint Tea (cool and refreshing, as they describe it) and Grape (sweet and juicy, in their words) will be offered for a limited time in 5-pack V2 Cigs flavor cartridges.  These are a perfect summer treat if you’re looking to get away from the tobacco flavors for a while, or diversify the already plentiful other cartridges that you have.

V2 Cigs Cartridges

Earlier I say “(so they say)” because if I know anything about V2 Cigs, these things will sell like hot cakes and they’ll have no choice but to continue offering them.  V2 Cigs customer service has always been top-notch and they take great care of their loyalists, and I bet if the market demands it, they’ll continue to give them what they want.  Don’t want to take that chance?  Hop over to the V2 Cigs store today and take advantage of this deal while it’s offered right now.

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The whole V2 Cigs team took part in selecting these two flavors, presenting their crew of engineers with a full spectrum of flavors to formulate, tested by the V2 Cigs employees, and these two new flavors were chosen as the best of the bunch.  I’ve given them both a try, and I love them!  I always really enjoyed the Grape flavor from Bull Smoke, and was especially pleased to see that V2 Cigs is releasing their own.

Click the button below and start shopping before supplies run out!  Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment if you’ve given them a try and want to let us know how you like them.

Visit the V2 Cigs store and start shopping!

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