V2 Cigs President’s Day Sale

15% off V2 Cigs accessories with purchase of any V2 battery

It seems like every few days I have to update this blog with yet another sale at V2 Cigs.

Of course they had stuff a couple months ago for the end of the year holiday sales, and another one in January to help out those with their New Year resolutions, and another one just a week ago for Valentine’s Day.

But President’s Day? It seems like there’s nothing that isn’t worth celebrating at V2. But hey, who am I to complain? Getting discounts on the best electronic cigarette brand on the market? Can’t beat that.

So here’s the scoop on their latest sale.

It runs today and tomorrow (February 18th and 19th), and while it’s not as big as their previous sales, it’s still some good savings.

With the V2 Cigs President’s Day Sale, when you buy any battery from the V2 Cigs store you get 15% off accessories. NO coupon code is needed, simply add batteries and accessories to your shopping cart and it will automatically apply the discount. And as always, don’t forget my personal coupon code donnyd to get another 10% off on top of the promotional discount.

Visit the V2 Cigs store and start shopping!

If you ask me, you can never have enough batteries laying around. I like having a fresh battery with me whenever the current one I’m puffing on runs out. Grab your extra battery, put the other one in a charger, and you’ll never be without a fully charged e-cig.

What’s nice about V2 Cigs is the variety of batteries they have. You can get them in three different sizes — the Shorty Cig, the Standard Cig, or the Long Cig — and with the larger battery, the longer the charge lasts. Take a look at the graphic below with specs on the different batteries.

Battery specs at V2 Cigs

Any of those batteries are a good choice, just pick out the one that best fits your needs and budget.

As for accessories, there’s no shortage of goodies at V2. My favorite accessory of theirs is the Personal Charging Case (PCC). This is a pocket sized hard-shell case that not only stores your spare e-cig batteries and cartridges, but it also acts as a portable charging unit. No more needing to be near an outlet or USB port, you can charge your batteries wherever you are. If the PCC is a little out of your price range (but remember you get 15% off in this promotion), they also have regular hard and soft shell cases for carrying your batteries and cartridges.

Another recommended accessory is their Universal Adapter. Did you formerly smoke another brand of e-cigs but made the switch to V2, but still have a bunch of old cartridges laying around from that old brand? These adapters screw onto your battery and fit the cartridges for just about any brand out there, allowing you to use those other cartridges with your V2 battery. Genius! Another way that this brand makes sure they have you covered in every way possible.

All in all, this is a great deal I wouldn’t pass up. In full disclosure, I made a purchase myself this morning, can never have enough swag laying around and this promotion was too tempting.

If you want more info on why I (and just about every other e-cig reviewer out there) consider this the best e-cig brand around, make a stop at my review of V2 Cigs. If you’re ready to start shopping, simply click the banner below. Don’t forget the coupon code donnyd for another 10% off! Happy President’s Day!

Get 15% off accessories with purchase of any battery

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