What are Vapor Cigarettes?

Vapor cigarettes are a nicotine delivery device that looks and acts much like a regular tobacco cigarette.

A standard vapor cigarette looks like this:

From afar, it looks just like a regular cigarette.  But if you were to hold it in your hand you would notice the difference.  Vapor cigarettes are made of plastic and stainless steel.  The vapor cigarette is comprised of two parts: a cartridge (the orange-shaded portion in the photo above) and a lithium battery (the white portion).  These two pieces screw together.  A vapor cigarette works by inhaling through the cartridge end, which activates the battery and releases a nicotine vapor out of the cartridge.  This vapor is then inhaled and exhaled much like a traditional tobacco cigarette.  On the other end of the battery is an LED light that illuminates when the vapor cig is active, mimicking the appearance of a lit cigarette when you take a puff, as seen below:

The beauty of vapor cigarettes is that you can smoke them anywhere.  The nicotine cartridges on vapor cigarettes do not contain the tar and carcinogens you’d find in a normal cigarette, posing no risk of second-hand smoke.  You can literally smoke them anywhere, including establishments where cigarettes are now prohibited like bars and restaurants.  Vapor cigarettes also do no emit any foul odor.  They are either odorless or give off a pleasant smell from the various flavored cartridges.

Cartridges are available in traditional tobacco tastes as well as menthol.  Some brands even emulate tastes of regular tobacco cigarette brands (most notably V2 Cigs, with their Cowboy flavor to mimic a Marlboro cigarette and their Congress cartridges which are likened to a Parliament cigarette).  Outside of tobacco flavors, vapor cigarette cartridges are available in just about any flavor you can imagine including fruity flavors (cherry, grape, apple, etc.) and other tastes such as chocolate, vanilla, coffee, mocha, rum, and many more.

Aside from coming in a variety of flavors, vapor cigarette cartridges also coming in a range of nicotine strengths.  Cartridges are available in high nicotine content, medium nicotine content, low nicotine content and zero nicotine.  This serves well for two purposes.  First, not everyone is the same when it comes to how heavy they smoke.  Some users are heavy users and need a high nicotine content to satisfy their cravings, while others are lighter (or “social”) smokers and don’t need much nicotine.  Others just want to enjoy the different flavors and don’t need any nicotine at all.  Secondly, the different strengths lends itself to a vapor cigarette as an effective smoking cessation device for many former smokers.  A smoker can start off with their preferred nicotine content and after a period of time can step down to a lower content cartridge, and so on until they need no nicotine at all.

Vapor cigarettes have truly been a godsend to cigarette smokers as a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes.  They are easy to use, cleaner, safer, tastier and have great use in quitting smoking.  Take a look at my vapor cigarette reviews on my main page if you’re looking for the vapor cigarette that is perfect for you.

As always, feel free to leave questions and comments on this post.  Your feedback helps keep this site great!  Happy vaping!

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3 Responses to “What are Vapor Cigarettes?”

  1. Christian Gronko says:

    Really cool, I’m going to get my hands on some vapor cigarettes now. Thanks for this write-up, it was very helpful.

  2. Rich in ca. says:

    I picked up an E-cig kit from v2 yesterday and havent wanted to smoke a traditional cigarrette yet. Suggestion is to start with the high nicotine content and adjust according to how you feel. Be carefull..each cartridge is supposedly equal to a pack…id say it feels more like half a pack but thats dependant on the individual i guess. Most people i know quit smoking regular cigs the same day. It satisfies the nicotine and the “hand to mouth” habbit we get so used to..try it…you will still get dirty looks from non smokers..at first..but when theres no smell they get curious. Let them know your doing it for yourself and for them.

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